he Trillion Dollar Photo

The Trillion Dollar Photo

Here is a photo I’ve titled “Artful Tomato Shaped Like an Egg, Reposing in a Beam of Sunlight” and I’m offering signed numbered prints for sale. Friends keep asking me if they can buy prints of my work so I’m offering 100 numbered and signed prints of this photo. I’ve decided to price my work on a sliding scale and the price of the first numbered signed print  (1/100) is one and a half trillion dollars ($1.5 trillion).

The full price list is below. Have a nice day. I’ll be setting up a PayPal account in a day or two but in the mean time you can purchase a print by contacting me in the comments here or by message on Facebook on my Roberto Blizzard page ( You can also contact me on Twitter (@VeganYogaDude) or Instagram (@veganyogadude).

First come first served, and one photo per person. I love you all. Namaste.

Prints are 8″x10″

Shipping included within North America.

Price Schedule:

#1 – $1.5 trillion

#2 – 1.5 billion

#3 – $1.5 million

#4 – $150,000

#5 -$15,000

#6 – $1,500

#7 to #100 – $150 each

Please indicate which number you want to purchase (for example,#1/100 or #100/100).

Please note that Numbers 7 to 20 have already been purchased so the next available number in this price range is #21/100.